Copyright © 2009/2013, Machanaim USA/Orot Yerushalaim – G. Zolotusky –
P. Polonsky
No part of this book may be reproduced in any form
without written permission from copyright holders

To contact with the author
and order copies in Israel:

To order copies in the U.S.,
Canada and in other countries:

Nikkui L’tzedek Chevrati
P.O.Box 884
23 Yafo Rd

POBox 95164, Newton, MA 02495
Tel +1-617-332-0864 (Yury Livshetz)

The edition was prepared in cooperation with
The Schapiro Center for Jewish Studies

Translation from the Russian: Lise Brody
Editing: Galina Zolotusky
Copy editing: Barbara Rozavsky
Typesetting: Rivka Rosin
Drawings: Miri Braginsky
Cover design: Galina Bleikh

ISBN 978-965-91446-0-0
Printing House – Studio Click Ltd, Jerusalem

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