I would like to thank everyone from whom I learned to understand Rav Kook’s writings and thoughts.
It is my great pleasure to thank Galina Zolotusky and Gregory Yashgur, without whom this project would not be possible. I am especially thankful to Lise Brody for translating this book from the Russian. Lise was always ready to do additional revisions to help us edit and restructure the text.
I would like to thank the following people for reading the text and making valuable comments for improving the manuscript: Julia Yaglom, Boris Klebanov, Abraham Engelson, and Dan Garfield. I am grateful to Dina Zolotusky for helping with translation and editing, to Uri Blank for making useful suggestions, to Galina Bleikh for technical support, and to Alex Shrayber for advising with publishing. And as always my deepest thanks to Yuri Livshetz, the coordinator of Machanaim activities in USA.
I am joining Galina Zolotusky and Gregory Yashgur in thanking those who provided moral support and encouragement: Rima Yashgur, Alex Shlyankevich, Galina and Arkady Beletsky, Miri Braginsky and Michael Bialy, Jhanna and Boris Jacobson.
Finally, I would like to acknowledge with gratitude the support Machanaim received from Jeremy and Ann Pava for publication of this book.

Pinchas Polonsky
Beit-El, Tammuz, 5769


RELIGIOUS ZIONISM OF RAV KOOK Copyright © 2012 by Маханаим, OROT YERUSHALAIM. All Rights Reserved.


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